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Whether it is books, magazines, billboards, ad campaigns, or online marketing, fashion photography is taking over the world. The world has embraced it, and why would it not? Fashion photography is about attitude, makeup, styling, and location that reflects a lifestyle; but most of all it is about the storytelling from a photographer’s vision. Yuriy Nutsa is a fashion photographer based in Rochester, NY driven by an eagerness to achieve excellence, and perpetual success at redefining visual art, beauty, and culture.

Yuriy Nutsa ranks among some of the most talented fashion photographers who convey stories through powerful, creative images. His work is intriguing and sexy, mysterious and unique, yet somehow unmistakably graceful and soft ass he takes upon his fashion photography activities. His focus remains on reaching the heart of his subjects by drawing just the right emotion out of their facial expressions and body gestures, and then expertly capturing them.

Creating scenes that look like out of a fairytale, Yuriy uses props, textures, patterns, clothing, and incredible backgrounds to capture the boldness required by fashion photography in a unique manner. He knows his way around styling, angles, and lights well which makes each element of the shoot contribute substantially to the story in the picture.

Tell Yuriy what you want, and then watch him play around with interesting locations, set-ups, and lighting that will only add value to the images you require.

For quality model photography in Rochester, NY, contact Yuriy’s Photography. They will not only ensure that you have the exact quality and type of images that you’re looking for, but also make sure that you have them delivered to you on time. Trust us, we have it all covered for you.


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