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Wedding Photography Greenville, SC

Have you been searching for a wedding photographer in Greenville, SC that is focused on providing high quality, inventive images of your wedding day? Yuriy Nutsa stands out among the rest in his dedication to photography that captures the unique style of your wedding day. He brings his years of experience shooting families in every stage of their lives. From family photography, to senior portraits, to the all-important wedding day, Yuriy produces modern yet timeless images that stand the test of time.
Being photographed on your wedding day should make you feel relaxed above all else. You hold each other, smile, and let the world melt away as Yuriy captures the moment forever. Some couples need a little help getting prepared for their wedding portraits, but with the following tips you can feel at ease on your wedding day.

• Schedule an Engagement Session: In order to feel at ease on your wedding day, it is highly recommended that you schedule an engagement session with your photographer. This serves two purposes. First, you will get to know Yuriy for who he is behind the lens. So come the actual wedding day you will feel as if you have a friend photographing you, which inevitably leads to natural photos. The second is you will have amazing engagement photographs to use for your invitations, favors or to show the grandkids!

• Focus on Your Loved One: The entire reason to have a beautiful wedding is to celebrate the love between you and your partner. Some of the best photographs capture the expressions exchanged between the two of you. It is ok to not look at the photographer! Look into each other’s eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the love flow. It will make for a genuine snapshot of your connection.

• Pick a Special Spot: Brides can get caught up on having the perfect spot for photos to take place. Location is important when it comes to exceptional wedding photography, but not in the way you may think. There are many hidden spots tucked away in Greenville, South Carolina just waiting to be discovered. Choose a place that is dear to your hearts. Did you meet at the local dive bar that just happens to have an amazing brick walled patio? Go there! Couples tend to be more relaxed in familiar places; it’s more natural to have your wedding portraits captured where you feel comfortable.

• Great Fit For a Great Photo: Too loose? It’s not going to work. Too tight? That wouldn’t work either. Choose clothing that have form and give shape to your body. Your clothing needs to add up and complete your look, and looking like a potato sack just isn’t going to help. Play: Gone are the days of stiff posed portraits. Couples are free to make their “posing” as unique as they are. An experienced photographer like Yuiry Nutsa will help you to find your playful side during your photography session. Do you have a furry friend that you adore? Invite them along! It is all about doing whatever is most natural to you two. Run, hold hands, laugh, and remember that a wedding above all is supposed to be fun!

• Accessories are a Weddings Best Friend: You research intricate details of your wedding from the moment you get engaged. Down the aisle you carry a bouquet of your mothers favorite flower. For luck, on your wrist is a bracelet passed down for several generations. These are the distinct details you want to savor forever. Yuiy has an eye for capturing these details through the lens of his camera. If it is important to you, it will be important to him so bring on all those personal treasures to incorporate in your wedding photography.

• Leave the Crowd Far Behind: Time and time again, couples overload themselves with family and bridal party photos during their sessions. However, when you have an opportunity, sneak away with Yuiry and enjoy a moment with your new spouse. It can be a first look, a few moments during the cocktail hour, or a nighttime portrait at the close of the reception. Whenever you choose, make sure to soak in the love you feel in that moment. Your photographer will fade into the background, and you will have an opportunity to let the entire wedding day sink in. Couples often say that these photos were their favorites. A moment captured in time when the world was still and they were able to truly relax in front of the camera without others looking on.

• The first step to incredible wedding photos is hiring a professional who is experienced in your area. Yuriy has years of experience in the greater Greenville area and will help guide you through the process like only a pro can. His hope is that generations to come your loved ones will be able to look back at your wedding photographs and get a sense of the love in the air on that day.

Yuriy Nutsa, a renowned wedding photographer in Greenville SC who specializes in pre-wedding photography and wedding day photography with journalistic & elegant style. We spend your wedding day striving to capture moments you’ll treasure forever in a natural way. Capturing precious memories and emotions in Greenville SC and Anderson SC.