High School Senior Pictures Greenville South Carolina

Greenville South Carolina High School Senior Portraits Photography by Yuriy Nutsa

Get on with the graduation groove!

Tired of seeing the same old backgrounds and cheesy grins in every other high school portrait you look at? Are you searching for a high school senior photographer in and around Greenville who can click quality high school photos that are anything but boring? Yuriy Nutsa Photography is just what you need.

You have found the perfect photographer for your high school senior picture photoshoot; the date is set, but you do not know what to wear. No need to panic! The following tips will help you dress perfectly for your senior yearbook photoshoot

• Wear What You Like: As a rule of thumb, pick an outfit and accessories that brings out your uniqueness. If your loud and bright clothing makes you stand out, go for it! Part of a school team? Wear your letter jacket. Choose an outfit you are comfortable and confident in.

• Bring in Variety: Make sure you have clothes of different styles in varying designs, colors, patterns, and textures for the photoshoot. Solid colors put all the focus on you; therefore they are a must-have for outdoor shoots. Try and avoid wide stripes and large patterns. Choose what you wear based on the type of session you have opted for.

• Colors That Compliment Your Skin Tone: For the best pictures, you have to be careful about the colors you pick. If the color of your clothes does not flatter the shade of your skin, the pictures will never turn out as exciting as you want them to. If you aren’t sure about which colors look good on your skin, choose either universal red, eggplant, black, emerald green, cream white, or blush.

• Great Fit For a Great Photo: Too loose? It’s not going to work. Too tight? That wouldn’t work either. Choose clothing that have form and give shape to your body. Your clothing needs to add up and complete your look, and looking like a potato sack just isn’t going to help.

• A Girl’s Gotta Have Her Dress: Bring out your femininity with a gorgeous dress. Dresses work great for outdoor shoots; especially flowy ones that help create exceptional shots when mingled with the wind. Again, remember the dress should work well with your body type.

• Jean It Up: This one’s a favorite! You can pair your pair of jeans with a classy blouse or a much loved shirt and you are good to go for a photoshoot with a casual panache to it. For best results, opt for darker jeans that are form fitted. NO sagging or baggy jeans allowed guys!

• Don’t Forget the Accessories: Bring your pet, an instrument you play, your favorite piece of jewelry, or your vintage car – it could be anything at all to add the finesse in your pictures. Your high school portraits are a personality statement; make sure you make the most of it.

One last tip, if you still aren’t sure about what to wear, it is always better to carry extra clothes and ask your photographer for help. High school senior photography can be challenging, so make sure you have a reliable photographer. In case you’re still unsure about your choice it’s not too late to make it right. Dial 864-278-2433 and contact Yuriy Nutsa Photography for your senior shoot in the Greenville, SC area.